Cardinal, the only Graston Technique Therapy Certified Provider in Geauga County

After completing 14 additional training hours, Cardinal Physical Therapy is honored to be the only Graston Technique therapy Certified provider in Geauga County. This new designation elevates our current provider status attained back in November and equips us with the latest Graston Technique, allowing us to address pain and deliver a faster recovery.

The Most Effective Means of Manual Therapy

The Graston Technique uses patented stainless-steel instruments with unique edges and angles to deliver an effective means of manual therapy. This unique, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization enables clinicians to effectively identify and treat soft tissue lesions and fascial restrictions that cause pain tightness and decreased range of motion.

To attain this elite designation, we completed a series of training sessions to become a Graston Technique Provider as well as additional advanced training sessions to become a Graston Technique therapy Certified. These comprehensive training sessions cover the anatomy, instrument types and the appropriate treatment based on injury and body part. This training program based on research ensures a high level of quality control that sets the Graston Technique apart from other tool-assisted techniques.

Relieve Pain, Reduce Healing Time & Restore Function

In as little as 4-12 treatments, Graston Technique can speed up recovery, reduce the need for medications, resolve chronic conditions thought to be permanent and may even prevent surgery. If you are recovering from surgery such as a total knee replacement or experiencing pain in your neck, shoulders from rotator cuff injury, tennis elbows or lower back pain, end your pain today and call us at 440.688.4186.

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